New Haven, a town filled with social unrest and a dying political structure. The town is well known for alienating its common citizens while creating privileges for those with the right skill set and breeding. For the past 35 years this city has been struggling against the threat of desertion, raiders and the mutated creatures of the wastes. In each regard it has been successful, in overcoming every threat that comes its way, but now, the town faces something new. A strange disease is plaguing the young and elderly for the past few months and only shows signs of getting worse. The symptoms resemble that of radiation poisoning, but the geiger counter read clean on both the city’s water and food sources. For the past few months the inner city has been hoarding its medicine and keeping closed lipped about what is really going on.

Now even the labourers are starting to fall ill, and talks of fleeing the city have begun. Will you flee the city in hopes of finding a new home out admits the wastes, or be a pillar of hope and seek to rid the city of this plague?

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