Fallout Vault 77 - A Vault Down Under

Matt - story continues

It’s been a while since last entry. Lot of things has happened, didn’t have much time to record. Now that I’ve found a while I can finally say we’ve won, we have overthrown Teresa and I am moving on.

At first our plan with dead man’s switch almost backfired on us when I was held in interrogation room, but somehow we managed to avoid the alarm going off. In the meantime rest of the team introduced Christa to whole situation, because apparently she was oblivious to what was going on. On one hand, it was rather relieving, knowing that guard put no hand in this, but on the other, we had no idea what awaits us below. We devised quick plan and executed it almost perfectly. While we were in the lab, where we managed to make few flashbangs for the fight, guards and Jacobs prepared feigned firefight on upper levels. The minute the alarm went off, we went straight for the control room and knocked Teresa and her guards out. That was the end of it, or so we thought.

What we realized afterwards, is that the whole Vault was supposed to be some kind of sick experiment. Citizens were supposed to be’ lab rats’ for various chemicals provided by the main computer and if the results were not turned in in time, something would happen to the Vault. We couldn’t know, what exactly, how to stop it, or why would even someone do things like that , but we couldn’t risk it. Yet we couldn’t just sacrifice people, so we assembled the team of scientists, who would test the chemicals and fake the results.

Despite bringing relative peace to the Vault, putting vault dwellers and so-called ‘raiders’ together and forming the ruling council, I couldn’t stand this place anymore, I needed a breather and I have a chance to get it, as my new friends go back to the wastes, to try and save their own home now. And I left with them. For my duty though, Christa made me a Scout Sergeant, responsible for making contact with outside world and mapping the outlying wastes.

Then came the last night in the Vault, spent with Amber, girl from the guard I knew for long time. I was so stupid. Up to this point I never realized how much she meant to me. How she always got my back. How she always knew how to cheer me up. And now I’m leaving her just like that. I made my choice. I couldn’t just back away. But I will be back. One day. For her. ‘The light of my life in those dark corridors’.

We left in the morning, our first stop being the radio tower supposedly connected to the Vault. Although we had to fight for it with some creepy, overgrown bugs (how the hell did they even got there?!) and catching serious portion of rads from fuel leak (I still feel kinda itchy, I think I need one more Rad-Away) we got the tower up and working. And we even made few locals strike a deal with our new ‘government’. They would guard the tower back for some food and supplies.

As we are now driving to New Haven, I’m happy with activating the signal for one more reason – we have crisp connection to the Vault, so I can be constantly in touch with Amber, which brings happiness to us both.

One thing I forgot to mention before. Sparkplug has left behind with Lynn, but in his place we found ourselves a new companion – Frank. Frank is a drug addict from New Haven, apparently Doc’s patient who should be on rehab. He is crazy lunatic, who can’t be left unattended for five minutes. Yet as much as he is annoying and unpredictable, he is also kinda likeable.


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