Fallout Vault 77 - A Vault Down Under

Matt - the story so far

My life is crap. It has been from the very beginning. First, my piece of shit father leaving me here alone with my lovely mother. His bones probably bleaching out in the sun of the world above us now. Then there is my mother, treating me like necessary evil for my whole life. Not really surprising, considering matriarchal society we live in. So here I lived, surrounded by the self-righteousness of women, constantly pushing me around. Still better than life up on the desert, eh? Right.

Eventually becoming security officer, as one of very few (of course) eligible men. One could have thought I finally earned some respect in society, given the responsibility of such job. Right, so who got the shittiest assignments around? Patrolling the freakin’ sand dunes, almost burning from the sun, with the risk of radiation? Splitting our raider guests apart in a bar fight? Guarding god forsaken corridors which even rats don’t care to visit? All check.

And here we go again. Babysitting a bunch of outsiders who not only seem to be mentally challenged in one way or another, but apparently also infected with some sort of mutated parasite.
What a lovely day.
I hate you too, Teresa.

Turns out those outsiders are actually from a town established by our own vault dwellers, those who left years ago in search for a place to live. And what they found is virus that can kill them all. The trio that came here is not so blunt I expected them to be. They seem to know a bit about pre-war technology and just want to use our labs to find a cure for their people. Not that bad, I guess.

In return, Teresa (our current ‘overseer’) wanted them to get rid of our problem with raiders. We had to tolerate their presence for some time, but they were getting too bold with their actions. There were rumors of full scale mutiny.

At first it looked like they just want to go in with guns blazing, but once again they surprised me with their cunning and quick thinking. We went in posing as technicians, which allowed us to sabotage raiders air and water purification systems. We almost got caught, due to an accident, but calling Teresa got us out of there. She wasn’t happy about it, but I must say, seeing her angry face gave me a bit of satisfaction.

While we were there, we had a chance to get to know those raiders a bit more. During a game of brahmin dice I actually thought those guys aren’t that bad. In other circumstances I might’ve even liked them. But then, we live different lives, live by different rules, driven by different motivations. And that won’t change anytime soon.

Visit in Stockyards also gave us a clue, which might lead to raiders leader inside the vault.

The clue we found was a communication signal from the terminal located somewhere in the lower residential levels. Almost nobody lives there anymore, so it was good place to hide… If you have access.

This time Lynn tagged along. She is so blonde, but at least her heath is in the right place. She also seemed to be fond of one of the outsiders, Sparkplug. I’m not sure if that will bring us any good. (On a side note though, for a guy so big, he gave impression of really calm and decent person).

As soon as we got to the right place, we knew something was amiss. Someone booby-trapped the place. EMP would fry the computers around, and any evidence with them. That didn’t prove to be a big problem to our companion, Ghost, as she slipped through the ventilation shafts and disarmed the bomb. (She is rather silent, withdrawn, always ‘creeping’ around. I still don’t trust her). Doc (I’m still not convinced he is real doctor) began to hack the terminal in search of anyone that could be behind all this.

That’s when we’ve heard footsteps. Closing in at first, but suddenly turning around. Sparkplug, Ghost and I ran after it, Doc was supposed to guard the elevator. Running into dark, unknown corridors was risky at best, and the EMP blast didn’t help much either. No wonder we lost the trail, and each other, in the process. I came back for Lynn, and with her, towards the elevator.

The outsider trio was already there, when Doc pulled a gun on me, started talking about some kind of conspiracy going in here. And then he showed me. He showed me what he has found in the terminal. Footage from security cameras. Dark rooms with dim light, women strapped to metal chairs, pregnant. At first I couldn’t believe. But I saw the markings on the walls. Lower vault. Someone will pay for that.

As it turned out old Doctor Roberts, once respected, recently falling out of grace, knew about it for some time. That’s why he collaborated with raiders, to take over the vault and free the women below. We decided to help him. Beginning with letting him escape.

Contacting Teresa after that was difficult. I could barely hold my anger and disgust inside of me. I couldn’t look at her face. I wanted to kill her right here, right now. But I had to be patient, for all our sakes.

For their effort, our outsider friends were allowed to visit vault laboratory. It was hard to stayed focused on our way down, knowing that we’re passing levels where so many are imprisoned. We already started planning our moves. We had to act carefully, but quickly, before anyone else can get hurt. Except the ones responsible.

Down in the labs, we finally knew what ails people of New Haven. Parasites, that feeding of human could quickly become foot long monster. Eventually growing in size to match average human male.

I told you it was lovely day.

It didn’t take long for Doc to devise multiple treatment methods. Fastest one at the moment was electrocuting the patient, so he quickly prepared defibrillator and enough painkillers to let them survive the shock. My only job was to keep them safe and in one place ’till drugs wear off.

Next stop – engineering. That’s where we were supposed to find Roberts, and talk our plan through. The visit didn’t give us much though. All we knew is that we have to act on our own to avoid the bloodshed, but if anything goes sideways, he will have our backs. He looked really close to being ready, with all the stored equipment and weapons, just waiting for the right moment.

After that we began to work on our own plan. First setting up a dead man’s switch, to display videos we found on every terminal and pipboy in the vault if we don’t enter the password every 8 hours. If anything happens to any of us, it goes out. Secondly, we went to seek out people that could help us in any way, starting with families of kidnapped ones.

Everything was going well at first. Until Doc sliced one of the women throat open. He took her to one side, so we couldn’t hear what she said, nor could we stop him. All we could do is watch as life ran away from her, and keep her from raising alarm that could ruin our whole plan. That’s not what we agreed on, this didn’t suppose to happen and I don’t remember feeling so wretchedly in my entire life before.


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