Fallout Vault 77 - A Vault Down Under

Murderers or Rapists?

Rico's Log

Pip Boy Journal – Encrypted Entry – Rico’s Eyes Only

Well we just got out of the vault, and with lots of good data on the plague including having cured ourselves. Not that we knew we were infected before we came here, but still.

However, it all ended in a bloody mess that I’m sure none of us are too happy with. On the bright side, we may have a powerful ally in the vault now, and we’re welcome back later. But here’s what went down…

So we came in the vault and met Theresa and Lynn and some other ladies. The ladies showed us a good time the first night, and me and Lynn seemed to really hit it off. They sure are flirty in here… lots more women than men.

Theresa seemed to be in charge. They ran some medical tests on us and found out we were also infected, and they wanted to run more analyses and such before letting us further in the vault. Theresa had a dangerous mission for us to do for her in exchange for the information and vault access. There was another faction in the “outer” parts of the vault that apparently Theresa and company had hired out to come help in the vault, and now there was a lot of friction and they seemed to be organizing some sort of rebellion. We were to find the rebel leader and either kill him or at least tell Theresa who it was. Apparently they were hired as hitmen at first, and now they stayed in the outer vault performing labor for the inner vault. They were not slaves as they were free to go, but not being allowed to access the luxuries of the inner vault had greatly upset them.

So, with some smooth talking with the rough folk outside and some subterfuge from the ladies of the inner vault, we gained the trust of the mercenaries and eventually found out that their leader was actually on the inside of the inner vault with Theresa. He also had access codes, some authority, and the ability to seemingly watch all the various surveillance cameras in the vault. A bit scary. He wanted to give us access to get very deep into the inner vault and get access to the control room, where we could let his forces in the front door and control the security doors. And this involved killing some of Theresa’s guards. The medical labs we needed to get to were also nearby and we would have access to those as well. So… we accepted. And I don’t think any of us actually intended to follow through with his orders at this time, however getting access to the labs and being able to possibly further investigate who we were dealing with seemed like the way to go.

So, we went back into the inner vault. He really had cleared the way and left security doors open and we had mostly free access to the vault. We stopped briefly to look around some of the “residential” areas and saw some… disturbing things that we didn’t have answers to yet. Were women being forced to conceive children? Whose children? Our own samples were taken, so its possible even we could be fathers and not know it.

We were eager to get to the lab so continued deeper into the vault until we arrived, and started the analysis our town so desperately needed while patching ourselves up and trying to figure out a plan. The rebel leader’s name may have come up on a console on the way down here as we entered in a security code we had been given. A doctor Jacobs? I still wanted to side with Theresa as I did not want the bloodshed that this rebel leader would (and in the end, did) cause. But I didn’t have any good ideas on how to actually find and talk with Theresa to tell her who the rebel leader was without raising too much suspicion from him possibly watching it all on the cameras!

Then, an alarm went off. We determined it was probably us who were setting it off somehow… but I quickly thought that maybe this was good fortune indeed? We could get ourselves captured without bloodshed and then talk to Theresa and complete our mission!

We were indeed captured and taken to a cell. Theresa came and talked to us, but she was … not at all understanding. We gave up the name of the rebel leader and even a way to confirm it was him (With a radio we’d been given), but she did not release us! She was so angry for us being this deep in the vault, even though to us it was clear it was part of the very mission she had given us! She was not expecting the leader to be inside the vault and did not want us here. Probably she didn’t want us seeing the forced conception and birthing or whatever was going on… but as far as we know she never knew we had seen any of that anyway.

Then she left. And abandoned us. it soon became clear no one was coming to even feed us, so we started looking for a way to break out. We couldn’t get to the controls or pick the door, so we started taking apart the bed in the room and using a metal rod to pry away at some of the window in the cell. We weren’t getting anywhere very quickly. We had been abandoned and left to starve by Theresa and I was pretty pissed off. We basically completed our mission and she was leaving us to die.

Then, the cell door unlocked. We later found out that Dr Jacobs had caused a small explosion which freed us. We were conveniently on the command level already. We tried one last time to get out of this conflict without bloodshed, but the guards wouldn’t have it and attacked us. We defended ourselves and then some, moving onto the control room in what we saw as the only way we were going to get out of here.

So, we did it. We sent the tram, opened the doors, and let the mercenaries slaughter the women and others inside the inner vault who resisted. It was a massacre and I feel awful.

The good news is that we were able to rescue Lynn on the way out, and the Dr Jacobs now sees us as allies and we’re welcome back. We were also given a robot! I can’t wait to learn more about it…

I have encrypted this log entry because …this new leader of the vault? He may not see us as allies if he knew how far we had gone to take the other side…

He also told us of a radio tower we can repair if we want, which would let us communicate with New Haven and other nearby settlements. I think we should head there next — we’re here and this may be a good way to spread news about the cure for this infection before it gets any worse.


Taloswind Zoblefu

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