Fallout Vault 77 - A Vault Down Under

Rico's Journal

I’ve been worried about my father for a long time now, and now it looks like I might be in a position to help him. He’s done so much for me over the years, and now can finally do some real good for him. I feel as if I have to.

Rosco approached me in my shop and told me of a group of people meeting to try to do something about the sickness that has been plaguing the town. But… it was outside the walls. I’ve talked with the people within the walls and they don’t seem to be doing anything to help, so I am eager to see what this meeting might be about. To get ready for it, I went and spoke with dad’s doctor and found out they really need an electron microscope to figure this thing out… or at least for some samples to be taken to such a device for analysis and the data returned.

I went to the meeting prepared with this information, and shockingly the people outside the walls thought we already had a cure inside… I explained the situation and what the doctor had told me, and they immediately started making plans to go to the vault. Eager bunch, these guys! I expressed concerns about raiders and about not having anyone that knows how to use an electron microscope, but I was assured that Rudy, Chief, and Roger were capable guys and could keep me safe. I even met a fellow scientist there who was able to explain how to use an electron microscope in a decent bit of detail — doesn’t sound like a problem. We all agreed we would try to find support in the town for our journey, to gather supplies and see if anyone else wanted to accompany us.

The first pledge of support came from Rosco, who was willing to part with his old truck. It needed some work so after the meeting I immediately started working on it. With some parts back at my shop, I was able to get it running smoothly.

I spoke with several others around town, including a doctor outside of town who was exceptionally understanding and kind and gave us some healing powder without any hesitation whatsoever. Then it was time to break the news to my parents. I told them what was going on, and they only briefly tried to warn me away from the dangerous journey, but my father, always the understanding man, understood that sometimes you just have to do what you think is right. They gave me a very old computer device and an old vault jumpsuit from years and years ago, and showed me how to use the device. It looked like it would be perfect for tracking our journey, storing the electron microscope data, and even writing journals like these. Maybe I’ll even let the others write journals in here too if they want.

With some more advice from my father, I spoke with some more people inside the walls and got some great support from a lady on the council. She cautioned against bringing the issue to the head of the council as he might try to try to take the cure for himself and his own selfish greedy purposes. So… I didn’t.

After a couple of days, we had the truck running well and full of supplies, some medical samples to test, and we were ready to head out for the vault. So we headed west.

And then realized we didn’t have near enough gas to make it! But someone spotted smoke to the north (…towards the raiders!) and suggested we check it out. Roger knew it was the Hunter’s ranch and they might be able to help supply us with fuel, too. So we headed that way.

When we arrived it was quickly apparent that raiders had attacked the mine there. We approached quietly on foot and saw a group of 10 or so raiders and 3 of their vehicles. They were threatening the family who appeared to be holed up inside their home.

Quickly and silently, my new friends started to take action. I had my rifle at the ready but froze out of fear, I had never shot a man before! I crouched and tried to support my friends as best I could… Chief snuck up behind one and the fight had begun. I fired a few shots and ran for cover, fired a few more and ran again, and then my rifle started to jam! I’m going to have to take a look at it after I finish writing this… I got another shot off towards the end but honestly my friends did most of the violent work and I did not get any killing shots… which I am not sad to say. Killing other men isn’t my thing.

The fight didn’t last long, but Rudy and Chief both took a lot of hits so we set to patching them up as the Hunter family came out to survey the area and thank us. Surveying the area, I can certainly see how profitable it could be just killing off raiders… there was a wealth of gear and scrap here. I wonder how much we can take with us in the truck… or maybe I can even make something from it? But first things first, time to fix my gun!


Taloswind Zoblefu

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