Fallout Vault 77 - A Vault Down Under

Roger's background story

Roger was born in a struggling farming community scratching a living from the waste. When he was 7, his mother died giving birth to his little sister Zelda, unfortunately, without a mother to nurse her, Zelda soon died. Now it was just Roger and his father James. James did his best to provide for his son, but life in the Wastes is hard. Somewhere in his 13th or 14th year, time has no meaning in the Wastes, the village was attacked by a large band of raiders.

Roger joined his father and the other men of the village to fight off this attack, as they had many others. But this bad was different. There were more of them and they were more heavily armed. The villagers did their best, but they were quickly overwhelmed. The last thing Roger remembers is a raider charging at him and getting hit upside the head with an iron pipe. When he awakened, the entire village was burning. Stumbling through the acrid smoke, Roger desperately looked for his father and any other survivors. No one was left alive. Judging by the number of bodies found, many of the villagers must have been dragged off, possibly including his father, as James’s body was no where to be found.

With his entire village burned, and the survivors possibly taken as slaves, Roger decided it was up to him to save them. He scoured the village and grab what few supllies survived the raid, and set out to follow their trail. For two days Roger followed the raiders, their trail was quite easy to follow, what with the occasional body of one of the villagers that succumbed to their wounds. Then disaster hit in the form of a dust storm. Roger found himself wondering lost in a stinging cloud of sand and debris until he had finally had enough, and collapsed into the sand. As his eyes began to close, and consciousness began to leave him, he could have sworn he heard to mooing of a brahmin.

Two days later Roger woke up inside of a tent, with a kindly looking older man looking down at him. “Son, what on earth were you doing out in the wastes all by your self? I’m Rosco, and your are damn lucky you passed out next to my caravan. Here, have some water and tell me your story.” Rosco was very sympathetic, but refused all of Roger’s requests to help him track down the raiders that burned his village. Rosco also refused to let Roger go out there by himself.

“Listen Roger, I don’t usually take in strays, but you are clearly a strong young man, and I think we can help each other out. I can always use another reliable guard for the caravan, and you need somewhere to go. I will teach you what you need to survive, and maybe some day you can find these raiders. But for now, you wouldn’t stand a chance even if you did find them, so stay on with me and learn everything you can.”

The next several years were hard, but Roger learned a lot and became a force to be reconned with. Periodically the caravan would be attacked by raiders, and Roger would go into a battle frenzy so fierce, that the other guards began calling him the ‘Angel of Death’. Every time Roger would interrogate any surviving raiders, but he never found any clues to the fate of his father.

Life got a little better when he met Leona Fairchild in Bottle-cap Creek. She isn’t exactly the love of his life, but she sure gives him a reason to survive each day. Her son Sam is a pain in the ass, but he never had a father to raise him, so Roger does the best he can when he is in town. Things were going well until the people of New Haven started getting sick, including a few members of Rosco’s caravan. Not wanting to see more people close to him die, Roger agreed to help find a cure.


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