Fallout Vault 77 - A Vault Down Under

Roger's log

Things are getting a lot worse around town lately. A lot of people are getting sick, including several of the other caravan guards, so Rosco and his caravan is stuck in New Haven for the time being. Rosco, myself and a few others started talking about what can be done about this disease, and we all agreed we need to do something, we just don’t know what.

One evening while sitting at the bar, Rosco came in and told us an acquaintance of his on the inside of the wall was willing to help us. Rico is a scientist and mechanic, and he has some ideas. So Rosco called a meeting of all of the interested parties, and we started discussing ideas. Very quickly one idea came to the top, we need to get to Vault 77 and try to scrounge for some advanced tech that can help us.

Now we need a team to go out there. I immediately volunteered, as I know a lot about the wastes. Rico volunteered, because no one else knows anything about vault tech, and he was born in the vault. Chief also offered to join us, although I have no idea what that old coot can contribute. And to round out the group, is Rudy, a big ugly guy guy who helps us load the caravan from time to time. Because of his looks, everyone thinks he’;s a little slow, but I can see the inelegance behind his eyes.

I convinced Rosco to lend us old Bessy, she may not look to pretty, but she still runs. Rico and I went around town trying to get some of the other townsfolk to help us out, and we got some supplies to work on Bessy, and some medicine from Doc..

the next morning we loaded up the truck and headed out into the wastes. We didn’t want to go directly towards the vault, because we wanted to avoid the mountains. Well, so much for that idea, we saw a big plume of smoke coming from a nearby mine, and decided to go see if we could help out. We got to the mine and found a group of raiders surrounding the shack. Chief snuck around the raider’s car and hatcheted him in the face. Unfortunately, this didn’t kill him, and He fired off a shot. Well, this got the rest of their attentions, and the fight was on.

Rudy ran straight into the fray, and Chief and I turned on the raiders on the ridge, while Rico provided long range support. The battle went pretty good, but the Hunter’s dog was killed, and Rudy was pretty messed up.


Taloswind khoffman21076

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