Fallout Vault 77 - A Vault Down Under

Rogers Log, the adventure begins

Well, we wasted those blasted raiders, and the Hunters are okay, well, except for their poor dog. They were very gracious and offered us a place to stay for the night, and some grub, hopefully not actual grubs, but beggars can’t be choosers, my old Pappy used to say. We cleaned ourselves up a bit, dams Chef can make a mess, then started work on stripping the raiders vehicles. Rico was pulling things out left and right, telling me to add them to the pile. Whenever I asked what they were, he just shrugged and said they might be valuable.

We spent the night and headed out at first light. With Bessie running so slow, we decided some of us could hunt while we traveled, and managed to get us a radscorpion. Not exactly tasty, but it did add to our rations a bit. We were on our third day out from the Hunters, and saw some raiders up in the hills. We tried to give them the slip, but a group came after us. They followed us for a few days before catching up to us, so we decided to turn the tables and ambush them.

The plan sort of worked, but all of those bastards must have been half eagle, because they even spotted Rudy hiding in the trunk of a wrecked car. The ambush may not have gone as we planned, but Rico and I managed to take out three of them before they closed on us. Then things got a little hairy. Rudy and Chef closed with the enemy while Rico and I stayed behind cover. Rudy got blasted in his pretty face with an shotgun, I don’t know how he survived that, and Chef got hacked up with a machete. Rico and I did the best we could to support them, until one crazy bastard decided to try to run down Rico. This son of a bitch was crafty and kept dodging our shots.

I kept chasing him, but he kept ducking behind cover. Meanwhile Rudy and Chef managed to kill the last raider they were facing, and moved around to help us finish off this last guy. He must have been on something, because he took a pounding before I finally put a bullet in his brain.

In the aftermath of the fight were heard more raiders on the radio, and they were coming our way. One of the vehicles the raiders had was a nice pickup truck, and we decided to transfer our stuff from Bessie and upgrade our ride. I hated leaving old Bessie behind, but maybe she will still be there when we come back through.

After a quick scavenging around, we loaded up and continued our journey. The next night we arrived at the Vault. We decided to camp outside and approach in the morning.


Taloswind khoffman21076

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