Fallout Vault 77 - A Vault Down Under

Matt - story continues

It’s been a while since last entry. Lot of things has happened, didn’t have much time to record. Now that I’ve found a while I can finally say we’ve won, we have overthrown Teresa and I am moving on.

At first our plan with dead man’s switch almost backfired on us when I was held in interrogation room, but somehow we managed to avoid the alarm going off. In the meantime rest of the team introduced Christa to whole situation, because apparently she was oblivious to what was going on. On one hand, it was rather relieving, knowing that guard put no hand in this, but on the other, we had no idea what awaits us below. We devised quick plan and executed it almost perfectly. While we were in the lab, where we managed to make few flashbangs for the fight, guards and Jacobs prepared feigned firefight on upper levels. The minute the alarm went off, we went straight for the control room and knocked Teresa and her guards out. That was the end of it, or so we thought.

What we realized afterwards, is that the whole Vault was supposed to be some kind of sick experiment. Citizens were supposed to be’ lab rats’ for various chemicals provided by the main computer and if the results were not turned in in time, something would happen to the Vault. We couldn’t know, what exactly, how to stop it, or why would even someone do things like that , but we couldn’t risk it. Yet we couldn’t just sacrifice people, so we assembled the team of scientists, who would test the chemicals and fake the results.

Despite bringing relative peace to the Vault, putting vault dwellers and so-called ‘raiders’ together and forming the ruling council, I couldn’t stand this place anymore, I needed a breather and I have a chance to get it, as my new friends go back to the wastes, to try and save their own home now. And I left with them. For my duty though, Christa made me a Scout Sergeant, responsible for making contact with outside world and mapping the outlying wastes.

Then came the last night in the Vault, spent with Amber, girl from the guard I knew for long time. I was so stupid. Up to this point I never realized how much she meant to me. How she always got my back. How she always knew how to cheer me up. And now I’m leaving her just like that. I made my choice. I couldn’t just back away. But I will be back. One day. For her. ‘The light of my life in those dark corridors’.

We left in the morning, our first stop being the radio tower supposedly connected to the Vault. Although we had to fight for it with some creepy, overgrown bugs (how the hell did they even got there?!) and catching serious portion of rads from fuel leak (I still feel kinda itchy, I think I need one more Rad-Away) we got the tower up and working. And we even made few locals strike a deal with our new ‘government’. They would guard the tower back for some food and supplies.

As we are now driving to New Haven, I’m happy with activating the signal for one more reason – we have crisp connection to the Vault, so I can be constantly in touch with Amber, which brings happiness to us both.

One thing I forgot to mention before. Sparkplug has left behind with Lynn, but in his place we found ourselves a new companion – Frank. Frank is a drug addict from New Haven, apparently Doc’s patient who should be on rehab. He is crazy lunatic, who can’t be left unattended for five minutes. Yet as much as he is annoying and unpredictable, he is also kinda likeable.

Matt - the story so far

My life is crap. It has been from the very beginning. First, my piece of shit father leaving me here alone with my lovely mother. His bones probably bleaching out in the sun of the world above us now. Then there is my mother, treating me like necessary evil for my whole life. Not really surprising, considering matriarchal society we live in. So here I lived, surrounded by the self-righteousness of women, constantly pushing me around. Still better than life up on the desert, eh? Right.

Eventually becoming security officer, as one of very few (of course) eligible men. One could have thought I finally earned some respect in society, given the responsibility of such job. Right, so who got the shittiest assignments around? Patrolling the freakin’ sand dunes, almost burning from the sun, with the risk of radiation? Splitting our raider guests apart in a bar fight? Guarding god forsaken corridors which even rats don’t care to visit? All check.

And here we go again. Babysitting a bunch of outsiders who not only seem to be mentally challenged in one way or another, but apparently also infected with some sort of mutated parasite.
What a lovely day.
I hate you too, Teresa.

Turns out those outsiders are actually from a town established by our own vault dwellers, those who left years ago in search for a place to live. And what they found is virus that can kill them all. The trio that came here is not so blunt I expected them to be. They seem to know a bit about pre-war technology and just want to use our labs to find a cure for their people. Not that bad, I guess.

In return, Teresa (our current ‘overseer’) wanted them to get rid of our problem with raiders. We had to tolerate their presence for some time, but they were getting too bold with their actions. There were rumors of full scale mutiny.

At first it looked like they just want to go in with guns blazing, but once again they surprised me with their cunning and quick thinking. We went in posing as technicians, which allowed us to sabotage raiders air and water purification systems. We almost got caught, due to an accident, but calling Teresa got us out of there. She wasn’t happy about it, but I must say, seeing her angry face gave me a bit of satisfaction.

While we were there, we had a chance to get to know those raiders a bit more. During a game of brahmin dice I actually thought those guys aren’t that bad. In other circumstances I might’ve even liked them. But then, we live different lives, live by different rules, driven by different motivations. And that won’t change anytime soon.

Visit in Stockyards also gave us a clue, which might lead to raiders leader inside the vault.

The clue we found was a communication signal from the terminal located somewhere in the lower residential levels. Almost nobody lives there anymore, so it was good place to hide… If you have access.

This time Lynn tagged along. She is so blonde, but at least her heath is in the right place. She also seemed to be fond of one of the outsiders, Sparkplug. I’m not sure if that will bring us any good. (On a side note though, for a guy so big, he gave impression of really calm and decent person).

As soon as we got to the right place, we knew something was amiss. Someone booby-trapped the place. EMP would fry the computers around, and any evidence with them. That didn’t prove to be a big problem to our companion, Ghost, as she slipped through the ventilation shafts and disarmed the bomb. (She is rather silent, withdrawn, always ‘creeping’ around. I still don’t trust her). Doc (I’m still not convinced he is real doctor) began to hack the terminal in search of anyone that could be behind all this.

That’s when we’ve heard footsteps. Closing in at first, but suddenly turning around. Sparkplug, Ghost and I ran after it, Doc was supposed to guard the elevator. Running into dark, unknown corridors was risky at best, and the EMP blast didn’t help much either. No wonder we lost the trail, and each other, in the process. I came back for Lynn, and with her, towards the elevator.

The outsider trio was already there, when Doc pulled a gun on me, started talking about some kind of conspiracy going in here. And then he showed me. He showed me what he has found in the terminal. Footage from security cameras. Dark rooms with dim light, women strapped to metal chairs, pregnant. At first I couldn’t believe. But I saw the markings on the walls. Lower vault. Someone will pay for that.

As it turned out old Doctor Roberts, once respected, recently falling out of grace, knew about it for some time. That’s why he collaborated with raiders, to take over the vault and free the women below. We decided to help him. Beginning with letting him escape.

Contacting Teresa after that was difficult. I could barely hold my anger and disgust inside of me. I couldn’t look at her face. I wanted to kill her right here, right now. But I had to be patient, for all our sakes.

For their effort, our outsider friends were allowed to visit vault laboratory. It was hard to stayed focused on our way down, knowing that we’re passing levels where so many are imprisoned. We already started planning our moves. We had to act carefully, but quickly, before anyone else can get hurt. Except the ones responsible.

Down in the labs, we finally knew what ails people of New Haven. Parasites, that feeding of human could quickly become foot long monster. Eventually growing in size to match average human male.

I told you it was lovely day.

It didn’t take long for Doc to devise multiple treatment methods. Fastest one at the moment was electrocuting the patient, so he quickly prepared defibrillator and enough painkillers to let them survive the shock. My only job was to keep them safe and in one place ’till drugs wear off.

Next stop – engineering. That’s where we were supposed to find Roberts, and talk our plan through. The visit didn’t give us much though. All we knew is that we have to act on our own to avoid the bloodshed, but if anything goes sideways, he will have our backs. He looked really close to being ready, with all the stored equipment and weapons, just waiting for the right moment.

After that we began to work on our own plan. First setting up a dead man’s switch, to display videos we found on every terminal and pipboy in the vault if we don’t enter the password every 8 hours. If anything happens to any of us, it goes out. Secondly, we went to seek out people that could help us in any way, starting with families of kidnapped ones.

Everything was going well at first. Until Doc sliced one of the women throat open. He took her to one side, so we couldn’t hear what she said, nor could we stop him. All we could do is watch as life ran away from her, and keep her from raising alarm that could ruin our whole plan. That’s not what we agreed on, this didn’t suppose to happen and I don’t remember feeling so wretchedly in my entire life before.

Murderers or Rapists?
Rico's Log

Pip Boy Journal – Encrypted Entry – Rico’s Eyes Only

Well we just got out of the vault, and with lots of good data on the plague including having cured ourselves. Not that we knew we were infected before we came here, but still.

However, it all ended in a bloody mess that I’m sure none of us are too happy with. On the bright side, we may have a powerful ally in the vault now, and we’re welcome back later. But here’s what went down…

So we came in the vault and met Theresa and Lynn and some other ladies. The ladies showed us a good time the first night, and me and Lynn seemed to really hit it off. They sure are flirty in here… lots more women than men.

Theresa seemed to be in charge. They ran some medical tests on us and found out we were also infected, and they wanted to run more analyses and such before letting us further in the vault. Theresa had a dangerous mission for us to do for her in exchange for the information and vault access. There was another faction in the “outer” parts of the vault that apparently Theresa and company had hired out to come help in the vault, and now there was a lot of friction and they seemed to be organizing some sort of rebellion. We were to find the rebel leader and either kill him or at least tell Theresa who it was. Apparently they were hired as hitmen at first, and now they stayed in the outer vault performing labor for the inner vault. They were not slaves as they were free to go, but not being allowed to access the luxuries of the inner vault had greatly upset them.

So, with some smooth talking with the rough folk outside and some subterfuge from the ladies of the inner vault, we gained the trust of the mercenaries and eventually found out that their leader was actually on the inside of the inner vault with Theresa. He also had access codes, some authority, and the ability to seemingly watch all the various surveillance cameras in the vault. A bit scary. He wanted to give us access to get very deep into the inner vault and get access to the control room, where we could let his forces in the front door and control the security doors. And this involved killing some of Theresa’s guards. The medical labs we needed to get to were also nearby and we would have access to those as well. So… we accepted. And I don’t think any of us actually intended to follow through with his orders at this time, however getting access to the labs and being able to possibly further investigate who we were dealing with seemed like the way to go.

So, we went back into the inner vault. He really had cleared the way and left security doors open and we had mostly free access to the vault. We stopped briefly to look around some of the “residential” areas and saw some… disturbing things that we didn’t have answers to yet. Were women being forced to conceive children? Whose children? Our own samples were taken, so its possible even we could be fathers and not know it.

We were eager to get to the lab so continued deeper into the vault until we arrived, and started the analysis our town so desperately needed while patching ourselves up and trying to figure out a plan. The rebel leader’s name may have come up on a console on the way down here as we entered in a security code we had been given. A doctor Jacobs? I still wanted to side with Theresa as I did not want the bloodshed that this rebel leader would (and in the end, did) cause. But I didn’t have any good ideas on how to actually find and talk with Theresa to tell her who the rebel leader was without raising too much suspicion from him possibly watching it all on the cameras!

Then, an alarm went off. We determined it was probably us who were setting it off somehow… but I quickly thought that maybe this was good fortune indeed? We could get ourselves captured without bloodshed and then talk to Theresa and complete our mission!

We were indeed captured and taken to a cell. Theresa came and talked to us, but she was … not at all understanding. We gave up the name of the rebel leader and even a way to confirm it was him (With a radio we’d been given), but she did not release us! She was so angry for us being this deep in the vault, even though to us it was clear it was part of the very mission she had given us! She was not expecting the leader to be inside the vault and did not want us here. Probably she didn’t want us seeing the forced conception and birthing or whatever was going on… but as far as we know she never knew we had seen any of that anyway.

Then she left. And abandoned us. it soon became clear no one was coming to even feed us, so we started looking for a way to break out. We couldn’t get to the controls or pick the door, so we started taking apart the bed in the room and using a metal rod to pry away at some of the window in the cell. We weren’t getting anywhere very quickly. We had been abandoned and left to starve by Theresa and I was pretty pissed off. We basically completed our mission and she was leaving us to die.

Then, the cell door unlocked. We later found out that Dr Jacobs had caused a small explosion which freed us. We were conveniently on the command level already. We tried one last time to get out of this conflict without bloodshed, but the guards wouldn’t have it and attacked us. We defended ourselves and then some, moving onto the control room in what we saw as the only way we were going to get out of here.

So, we did it. We sent the tram, opened the doors, and let the mercenaries slaughter the women and others inside the inner vault who resisted. It was a massacre and I feel awful.

The good news is that we were able to rescue Lynn on the way out, and the Dr Jacobs now sees us as allies and we’re welcome back. We were also given a robot! I can’t wait to learn more about it…

I have encrypted this log entry because …this new leader of the vault? He may not see us as allies if he knew how far we had gone to take the other side…

He also told us of a radio tower we can repair if we want, which would let us communicate with New Haven and other nearby settlements. I think we should head there next — we’re here and this may be a good way to spread news about the cure for this infection before it gets any worse.

Roger's background story

Roger was born in a struggling farming community scratching a living from the waste. When he was 7, his mother died giving birth to his little sister Zelda, unfortunately, without a mother to nurse her, Zelda soon died. Now it was just Roger and his father James. James did his best to provide for his son, but life in the Wastes is hard. Somewhere in his 13th or 14th year, time has no meaning in the Wastes, the village was attacked by a large band of raiders.

Roger joined his father and the other men of the village to fight off this attack, as they had many others. But this bad was different. There were more of them and they were more heavily armed. The villagers did their best, but they were quickly overwhelmed. The last thing Roger remembers is a raider charging at him and getting hit upside the head with an iron pipe. When he awakened, the entire village was burning. Stumbling through the acrid smoke, Roger desperately looked for his father and any other survivors. No one was left alive. Judging by the number of bodies found, many of the villagers must have been dragged off, possibly including his father, as James’s body was no where to be found.

With his entire village burned, and the survivors possibly taken as slaves, Roger decided it was up to him to save them. He scoured the village and grab what few supllies survived the raid, and set out to follow their trail. For two days Roger followed the raiders, their trail was quite easy to follow, what with the occasional body of one of the villagers that succumbed to their wounds. Then disaster hit in the form of a dust storm. Roger found himself wondering lost in a stinging cloud of sand and debris until he had finally had enough, and collapsed into the sand. As his eyes began to close, and consciousness began to leave him, he could have sworn he heard to mooing of a brahmin.

Two days later Roger woke up inside of a tent, with a kindly looking older man looking down at him. “Son, what on earth were you doing out in the wastes all by your self? I’m Rosco, and your are damn lucky you passed out next to my caravan. Here, have some water and tell me your story.” Rosco was very sympathetic, but refused all of Roger’s requests to help him track down the raiders that burned his village. Rosco also refused to let Roger go out there by himself.

“Listen Roger, I don’t usually take in strays, but you are clearly a strong young man, and I think we can help each other out. I can always use another reliable guard for the caravan, and you need somewhere to go. I will teach you what you need to survive, and maybe some day you can find these raiders. But for now, you wouldn’t stand a chance even if you did find them, so stay on with me and learn everything you can.”

The next several years were hard, but Roger learned a lot and became a force to be reconned with. Periodically the caravan would be attacked by raiders, and Roger would go into a battle frenzy so fierce, that the other guards began calling him the ‘Angel of Death’. Every time Roger would interrogate any surviving raiders, but he never found any clues to the fate of his father.

Life got a little better when he met Leona Fairchild in Bottle-cap Creek. She isn’t exactly the love of his life, but she sure gives him a reason to survive each day. Her son Sam is a pain in the ass, but he never had a father to raise him, so Roger does the best he can when he is in town. Things were going well until the people of New Haven started getting sick, including a few members of Rosco’s caravan. Not wanting to see more people close to him die, Roger agreed to help find a cure.

Karmic Perks
Work hard and you may be so lucky...

Group 2, Session 2

Too Close for Comfort - MBA, “Ghost”

You have gotten so used to following closely behind your friends its actually starting to get creepy.

When hiding directly behind another ally you get an additional 20% bonus to sneak.
But, while doing so, your ally gets a -10% penalty to all of their checks as they grow paranoid.

Rogers Log, the adventure begins

Well, we wasted those blasted raiders, and the Hunters are okay, well, except for their poor dog. They were very gracious and offered us a place to stay for the night, and some grub, hopefully not actual grubs, but beggars can’t be choosers, my old Pappy used to say. We cleaned ourselves up a bit, dams Chef can make a mess, then started work on stripping the raiders vehicles. Rico was pulling things out left and right, telling me to add them to the pile. Whenever I asked what they were, he just shrugged and said they might be valuable.

We spent the night and headed out at first light. With Bessie running so slow, we decided some of us could hunt while we traveled, and managed to get us a radscorpion. Not exactly tasty, but it did add to our rations a bit. We were on our third day out from the Hunters, and saw some raiders up in the hills. We tried to give them the slip, but a group came after us. They followed us for a few days before catching up to us, so we decided to turn the tables and ambush them.

The plan sort of worked, but all of those bastards must have been half eagle, because they even spotted Rudy hiding in the trunk of a wrecked car. The ambush may not have gone as we planned, but Rico and I managed to take out three of them before they closed on us. Then things got a little hairy. Rudy and Chef closed with the enemy while Rico and I stayed behind cover. Rudy got blasted in his pretty face with an shotgun, I don’t know how he survived that, and Chef got hacked up with a machete. Rico and I did the best we could to support them, until one crazy bastard decided to try to run down Rico. This son of a bitch was crafty and kept dodging our shots.

I kept chasing him, but he kept ducking behind cover. Meanwhile Rudy and Chef managed to kill the last raider they were facing, and moved around to help us finish off this last guy. He must have been on something, because he took a pounding before I finally put a bullet in his brain.

In the aftermath of the fight were heard more raiders on the radio, and they were coming our way. One of the vehicles the raiders had was a nice pickup truck, and we decided to transfer our stuff from Bessie and upgrade our ride. I hated leaving old Bessie behind, but maybe she will still be there when we come back through.

After a quick scavenging around, we loaded up and continued our journey. The next night we arrived at the Vault. We decided to camp outside and approach in the morning.

Roger's log

Things are getting a lot worse around town lately. A lot of people are getting sick, including several of the other caravan guards, so Rosco and his caravan is stuck in New Haven for the time being. Rosco, myself and a few others started talking about what can be done about this disease, and we all agreed we need to do something, we just don’t know what.

One evening while sitting at the bar, Rosco came in and told us an acquaintance of his on the inside of the wall was willing to help us. Rico is a scientist and mechanic, and he has some ideas. So Rosco called a meeting of all of the interested parties, and we started discussing ideas. Very quickly one idea came to the top, we need to get to Vault 77 and try to scrounge for some advanced tech that can help us.

Now we need a team to go out there. I immediately volunteered, as I know a lot about the wastes. Rico volunteered, because no one else knows anything about vault tech, and he was born in the vault. Chief also offered to join us, although I have no idea what that old coot can contribute. And to round out the group, is Rudy, a big ugly guy guy who helps us load the caravan from time to time. Because of his looks, everyone thinks he’;s a little slow, but I can see the inelegance behind his eyes.

I convinced Rosco to lend us old Bessy, she may not look to pretty, but she still runs. Rico and I went around town trying to get some of the other townsfolk to help us out, and we got some supplies to work on Bessy, and some medicine from Doc..

the next morning we loaded up the truck and headed out into the wastes. We didn’t want to go directly towards the vault, because we wanted to avoid the mountains. Well, so much for that idea, we saw a big plume of smoke coming from a nearby mine, and decided to go see if we could help out. We got to the mine and found a group of raiders surrounding the shack. Chief snuck around the raider’s car and hatcheted him in the face. Unfortunately, this didn’t kill him, and He fired off a shot. Well, this got the rest of their attentions, and the fight was on.

Rudy ran straight into the fray, and Chief and I turned on the raiders on the ridge, while Rico provided long range support. The battle went pretty good, but the Hunter’s dog was killed, and Rudy was pretty messed up.

Rico's Journal

I’ve been worried about my father for a long time now, and now it looks like I might be in a position to help him. He’s done so much for me over the years, and now can finally do some real good for him. I feel as if I have to.

Rosco approached me in my shop and told me of a group of people meeting to try to do something about the sickness that has been plaguing the town. But… it was outside the walls. I’ve talked with the people within the walls and they don’t seem to be doing anything to help, so I am eager to see what this meeting might be about. To get ready for it, I went and spoke with dad’s doctor and found out they really need an electron microscope to figure this thing out… or at least for some samples to be taken to such a device for analysis and the data returned.

I went to the meeting prepared with this information, and shockingly the people outside the walls thought we already had a cure inside… I explained the situation and what the doctor had told me, and they immediately started making plans to go to the vault. Eager bunch, these guys! I expressed concerns about raiders and about not having anyone that knows how to use an electron microscope, but I was assured that Rudy, Chief, and Roger were capable guys and could keep me safe. I even met a fellow scientist there who was able to explain how to use an electron microscope in a decent bit of detail — doesn’t sound like a problem. We all agreed we would try to find support in the town for our journey, to gather supplies and see if anyone else wanted to accompany us.

The first pledge of support came from Rosco, who was willing to part with his old truck. It needed some work so after the meeting I immediately started working on it. With some parts back at my shop, I was able to get it running smoothly.

I spoke with several others around town, including a doctor outside of town who was exceptionally understanding and kind and gave us some healing powder without any hesitation whatsoever. Then it was time to break the news to my parents. I told them what was going on, and they only briefly tried to warn me away from the dangerous journey, but my father, always the understanding man, understood that sometimes you just have to do what you think is right. They gave me a very old computer device and an old vault jumpsuit from years and years ago, and showed me how to use the device. It looked like it would be perfect for tracking our journey, storing the electron microscope data, and even writing journals like these. Maybe I’ll even let the others write journals in here too if they want.

With some more advice from my father, I spoke with some more people inside the walls and got some great support from a lady on the council. She cautioned against bringing the issue to the head of the council as he might try to try to take the cure for himself and his own selfish greedy purposes. So… I didn’t.

After a couple of days, we had the truck running well and full of supplies, some medical samples to test, and we were ready to head out for the vault. So we headed west.

And then realized we didn’t have near enough gas to make it! But someone spotted smoke to the north (…towards the raiders!) and suggested we check it out. Roger knew it was the Hunter’s ranch and they might be able to help supply us with fuel, too. So we headed that way.

When we arrived it was quickly apparent that raiders had attacked the mine there. We approached quietly on foot and saw a group of 10 or so raiders and 3 of their vehicles. They were threatening the family who appeared to be holed up inside their home.

Quickly and silently, my new friends started to take action. I had my rifle at the ready but froze out of fear, I had never shot a man before! I crouched and tried to support my friends as best I could… Chief snuck up behind one and the fight had begun. I fired a few shots and ran for cover, fired a few more and ran again, and then my rifle started to jam! I’m going to have to take a look at it after I finish writing this… I got another shot off towards the end but honestly my friends did most of the violent work and I did not get any killing shots… which I am not sad to say. Killing other men isn’t my thing.

The fight didn’t last long, but Rudy and Chief both took a lot of hits so we set to patching them up as the Hunter family came out to survey the area and thank us. Surveying the area, I can certainly see how profitable it could be just killing off raiders… there was a wealth of gear and scrap here. I wonder how much we can take with us in the truck… or maybe I can even make something from it? But first things first, time to fix my gun!

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