Also known as Ayer’s Rock before the war, became the first of Australia’s National landmarks to be bought by Vault Tec Industries for their Outback Outreach program. While the project was highly protested by locals, when the realization that the war would in fact reach Straya’s shores, Vault 77 was the first of the great projects to be filled.

Vault 77

The largest of the four public vaults placed on Australia’s soil. Vault 77 was placed deep inside Ayers Rock. Of its 77 Floors 42 were designated as Residential levels for family housing. The vault originally was indented to hold 600 families, but Nearly 800 families had flooded the vault before the doors were sealed. Due to the over occupancy, orders were taken to keep population from rising. Those who steeped out of line or were drawn via lottery were sent into the wastes to look for signs of life and locations to create a hospitable establishment. 35 years ago, one such team returned with positive results, Between population control, and radiation leaks, and hardships on the journey, only 400 Families made the great pilgrimage to the small Oasis town originally named Toxica, due to the green algae the grew on its spring. One year after arriving the Town was renamed to New Haven. A place where the people of Vault 77 could start life a new.

New Haven

New Haven, the largest settlement south of Uluru, Has known many hardships over the past 35 years. Less then 5 years after it settling the once proud inhabitants of Vault 77,were now split by social unrest creating a second migration. Citizens who had grown tired of the Overseer’s rule and the social diversity that the vault’s society was built on took matters into their own hands. Taking what supplies they could over one third of the towns population up and left New haven to find their way in the wastes. Settling smaller communities around the large city, or testing their luck beyond the the great desert that surrounded them.

New Haven continued to grow, slowly as refugees from the wastes found their way to its gated walls. Citizens of the first order were granted privilege to reside within the makeshift wall around the town, while all those who were deemed un-education or unfit were placed in the rag-tag shelters that littered outside the armed gate.

Despite this point of view, Newhaven has always known an abundance of clean drinking water, and as such attracted the attention of the Roughnecks, a large band of Raiders who came to an agreement with the city’s government. For their efforts to keep other bands from interfering with the town, and keeping their own men in order, the city would provide the Raiders with food and water when they came to resupply.


A small outpost stationed on an Oil Depot, Jerry-co has become a supply station for those who seek to head west across the great dessert. The town while well armed, keeps their city from hostile raiders through threat of burning the fuel reserves should any attempt to take the city.

Sand point

The only known coastal town of the wastes, Sandpoint has built it self on the ruins of an observation tower. The concrete structure offers much shelter against the strong coastal winds, and a few brave souls take makeshift rafts onto the open waters in hunt for food.

The Creep

The name for the Eastern plateau, Constant winds form the ocean push the landscape in this area, creating new landscapes monthly. The area was given the nickname the Creep as often sand dunes can be seen shifting across the land scape, creeping along to some unknown purpose or will.

Bottle-cap Creek

Bottle-cap Creek, lies deep in a valley once crafted by a strong river. Now it is only a small creek that twists and turns through the city before eventually running underground, There are many rumours around its name, but most believe it comes from the all those who have found themselves on the losing end of the arena, their bodies pushed into the creek to be lost in the underground caverns.

Bottle Cap Creek at its heart is a Barter town, sometimes travellers from the north make it down the creep to this town where they exchange their wares for the whores or services provided. The Creek offers a number of holes to drink away your problems. or Gambling dens to those with interest. Although the Town is most famous for its pit-fights and spectacles of those who break their simple laws.


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