This is a basic human.

Humans are a traditionally flawed, but ultimately dependable group.

While naturally weaker than most races, the humans alive today can boast being descendants of people smart, sturdy, or sly enough to have survive Apocalypse.

Humans gain no bonuses or penalties to their basic statistics.

Humans weigh anywhere from 110 to 280 pounds, and stand around 1.5 to 2.5 meters tall.

Humans start with 40 Special points and have an average of 5 in each attribute, with a maximum racial score of 10.

Humans get 5 Tagged Skills, and 15 + 2 x their INT in skill points per level

They have a natural resistance to electricity of 15%, and gain a perk every 3 levels

Human Youth

Humans who are 16 years or younger in age are consider Youth. While they advance faster then older Humans, they have only 38 Special to start, and begin with 10 less hit points at level 1.

Youth get 3 Tagged skills, and 20 + 2 x their INT in skill points per level.

Human Youth also start the game with a faithful dog who will help them survive in the wastes.

Youth do not get skill points at level 1 to show their inexperience in the world


Dogs can stand anywhere from 60 cm to 1.5 m at the shoulders, and walk on all fours.

Most are covered with hair, ranging in colour from white to brownish-tan to black, and usually a combination of anything in between. Since dogs have no opposable thumbs, they cannot use weapons or tools of any kind, and they cannot communicate except by barking, wagging their tails, and pointing with their snouts.

Dogs only have 35 Special to start, and begin with 7 less hit points per level.
Dogs have 30% Electricity Resistance
Dogs get 10 +2 x Int skill points per level
Dogs get perks every 2 levels.

Dog do not get skill points at level 1


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