House Rules

More but less effective Tagged Skills

To help encourage diversity you will receive 5 tagged skills at creation that will increase the skill value by 20%. But Tagged skills will no longer increase at a rate of 2 to 1, and now act like normal skills in all regards

More Skill points!

To help balance the lack of tagged skills, you now receive 15+(Int*2) skill points per level, in addition to any extra skill points you gain from traits or perks.

This has been changed from the original 5+(Int*2)

Skill Points at level 1!

You now also get skill points to invest for your first level, So Focus your skills or spread them out, build your PC how you want!

Higher Detection!

Base Detection has been changed from 10*perception to 15* perception. this means the higher that score the more likely you will notice things out in the wasteland.

Attribute Based Skill Caps

There are now skill caps based on your attribute scores. No skill can be raised higher then your skill (Base + 25% x your attribute level) Skills that use two attributes multiply it by (Base + 12.5 x the sum of both attributes)

Skill caps can be adjusted with the use of better equipment (equipment bonuses) and perks or traits.

This was implemented to help create more dynamic characters as a physically weak character wont be able to be an expert swordsman just because of invested skill-points.

Party Based Skill checks

Now instead of individual Skill values for non rolled checks (Barter/Outdoorsman), the party will combine their total skills for a party based check.

The calculation for the team check will be 3/4 of the highest skill value +1/2 the skill value of all contributing members

First Aid Kits and Doctors Bags

These items now lose 20% durability on a failed luck check, and can be repaired with medical supplies

Repair kits and Lock-picks

These items, lose 10% durability on a failed check, and can be repaired with metal parts, (Inferior metal can be used, but then the item becomes inferior losing 20% durability on failed checks instead of the original 10%

Crafting Items

You can only make one Crafting check per day, but are able try and craft multiple items with the single check. (expensive items can be attempted to be crafted over a duration of multiple days, essentially making progress towards the finished product)

Either way, you are required to have at least 50% of the required parts for any craft check.
The DC for your craft is equal to the difference in the original value and the parts you have multiplied by 15% (0.15) rounded to the nearest whole number, but is easier seen in the equation;
(Difference in value/100) *15

When crafting multiple items in a single day, you can only make multiples of the same item, ie making 10 stimpacks. Doing so, you add the total of all item you wish to craft and then subtract the total parts you wish to use, (keep in mind you are required 50% of the total value) The difference in parts to combined value is then multiplied by 0.15 to get the craft DC.

On a failed check you lose 1/2 the invested parts and critical Failures cause you to lose all invested parts.

A critical Success will return 20% of the invested parts

When crafting an item, if you have over 100% chance to create an Item you will create a superior item.

For every 10% in skill above you create a Superior +1 item.
Superior items last longer then their original counterparts, and lose superiority rating before taking durability damage. This is represented by entering Negative boxes on the item.

An Items superiority cannot be repaired, and once gone it is treated like a normal item.


You can attempt to repair items or Robots up to 3 times per day. (this value can be further increased from perks)

If you are using at least 10% of the items value in parts to repair it you receive a 10% bonus to your check.
If you use an Identical item (scrapping the second item) you receive a 50% bonus to your check, and on a failed check you still repair 1 box.

Failing a Repair check will damage the item further (1 box) while a critical Failure will damage the item 2 boxes.

Succeeding a check repairs 2 boxes, and an critical success increase the that value to 4 boxes. Critical Successes can make an item have Superiority of +1 if it over repairs an item. (the item cannot have a superiority higher then +1 from repair alone)

The DC to repair an Item, is the Damaged value (Original Value * number of boxes filled) minus the number of parts invested. * 0.15. or as seen in the Equation: ((Value*(Boxes/10))-Parts)*0.15

So taking a 2000 Rifle with 2 boxes filled, and no parts, the repair DC would be, ((2000*(2/10))-0)0.15 or, 4000.15 making the DC 60. If you used 200 caps of parts the DC would only be 30, in addition to the 10% bonus for having the right parts for the job, making it a net penalty of 20 to your skill.

Getting Drunk

When consuming alcohol you gather Alcohol doses after 10 minutes that are applied against your Poison resistance. when you drink past certain thresholds. based on your endurance. you gain the effects of the drink.

Stage Threshold Effect Poison
Liquid Courage Endurance x2 Bonus +2 Cha, Penalties -1 Int None
Buzzed Endurance X4 Bonus +1 Cha +1 Luck, Penalties -1 Int -1 Agi -1 Per None
Getting There Endruance x6 Bonus +2 Luck, Penalties -2 Int, -2 Per, -1 Agi None
Drunk Endruance x 8 Bonus 3 Luck, +5% DR, Penalties -10% skills, -2 Int -2 Per -1 Agi -1 Cha None
Stupid Drunk Endruance x 10 Bonus 4 Luck, +10% DR +5% Rad Resist, Penalties -30% skills, -5 Int -3 Per -1 Agi -3 Cha None
Instant Regret Endurance x 12 Bonus +15% DR +10% Rad Resist, Penalties -2 Luck -50% skills, -6 Int -4 Per -3 Agi -5 Cha Type A 1hp/hour
Deadly Endurance x 15 Bonus +25% DR +25% Rad Resist, Penalties -5 Luck -100% skills, -8 Int -6 Per -4 Agi -6 Cha, Typer B 2hp/hour
You Are Fucked Endurance x 20 Why would you do this to your self? Special is all reduced to 1, -200% to skills, Type D 4hp/hour

Sobering up

Until you reach the stage of alcoholism where you are considered poison, you sober up at a rate of your Healing rate x3 per hour.

If you reach alcohol Poisoning treat the effect as poison of that type.

Skill Consolidation

After some thought, I have put some efforts into consolidating the following skills.

  • Small Guns and Energy Weapons (both would fire very similarity to each other)
  • Unarmed, Melee Weapons and Throwing (basic Hand eye coordination)
  • First Aid and Doctor (a doctor would know first aid inherently)
  • Sneak and Steal (both are somewhat tied to each other.)
  • Speech and Barter (cant really have one without the other)

While these skills will still retain their base values (from attributes), they now share tags and invested skill points.

Some skill will now have automatic DC’s attached to show their difficulty over their linked skills

  • Doctor -30%
  • Steal -15%
  • Barter -10%

Adjusted Skill Scaling

I have noticed that skills are not increasing as quickly into the +100% values, and have adjusted scalling to account for this.

Skill Threshold Cost per skill point
0 – 125% 1 SP
126 – 175% 2 SP
176 – 200% 3 SP
201 – 300% 4 SP

House Rules

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